The Donald Scott NYC Chop Stik Pro Razor, perfectly adds texture and at the same time, removes weight as it cuts and softens from mid-shaft to end. The Chop Stik Pro Razor features a tapered end, ideal for sectioning and weaving the hair. The Donald Scott range of products is highly regarded and used in the Ross Charles salon. 

Key features:

 All new Aluminium chop stik pro, improved weight and balance
 Hexagonical metal design, maximum prevision control
 Adjustable foam grip, for increased comfort and non-slip handling

About the Donald Scott NYC

The world-renowned stylist, educator, platform artist and inventor; Donald Scott is dedicated to the art of professional razor artistry and boasts a range of products of the highest quality, consistency and a high level performance. Just like Ross Charles, Donald Scott was born into a family of hairdressers, and at the age of 20, Donald picked up his first pair of sheers and soon opened his very first salon in NYC, tailored to the A-star audience. 

Donald Scott NYC Chop Stik Pro Razor

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