The Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist Razor allows you to transition smoothly from textured carve to 100% carve, easing tension on the wrist. The Swivel Twist Razor, which is an ideal tool for men’s haircuts, as well as women’s, allows effective surface carving, which both blends the hair and eliminates scissor marks. The Donald Scott range of products is highly regarded and used in the Ross Charles Salon.


– Zinc-alloy t-top, better control and balance
– Channel carve, remove 25% of hair
– Regular care, removes 100% of hair
– Heat resistant material
– Ergonomic twisted handle, less stress on the wrist
– 360 flexible swivel
– Finger hole and pinky rest

About the Donald Scott NYC

The world-renowned stylist, educator, platform artist and inventor; Donald Scott is dedicated to the art of professional razor artistry and boasts a range of products of the highest quality, consistency and a high level performance. Just like Ross Charles, Donald Scott was born into a family of hairdressers, and at the age of 20, Donald picked up his first pair of sheers and soon opened his very first salon in NYC, tailored to the A-star audience. 

Donald Scott NYC Swivel Twist Razor